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“The unique characters are thrown together by chance, on the run from a bloodthirsty army and swarms of vile creatures. The pace is often frantic against formidable odds, leaving the reader near breathless, finger smoking from the rapid page-turning. What an escape! Highly recommended!” – Reviewer.

“On the whole, though, I found Out of Exile to be an enjoyable, gripping story in a setting that’s a refreshing change from the standard Fantasyland.” – Reviewer.

“Mr. Siddoway reminds us that writing is an art form as he masterfully paints beautiful landscapes and scenes with his precise vocabulary. I enjoyed the fast-paced action, snappy dialogue, new characters and the emotional ending.” – Reviewer.

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Into Exile: Teutevar Saga Book 0

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Widowed. Hunted. Exiled. From the ashes of destruction, a saga begins.

When her country is conquered and her lord husband slain by his best friend, Guinevere, Lady of Athel, has only one thing left to live for: her young son Revan. Forsaking vengeance to honor her husband’s last wish, Guinevere flees with Revan — the last heir of the Teutevar line. Exile, however, will not come easy. Pursued by ruthless invaders and a wilderness full of bloodthirsty savages, Guinevere’s only allies are a loyal spearmaiden and a deranged mountain man. The Lady of Athel may not fear death, but should she fail, Athel’s last hope falls with her.

Into Exile is an introductory prequel that takes place before the events of Out of Exile in the world of Teutevar Saga. Fans of Joe Abercrombie’s Red Country and Miles Cameron’s Traitor Son Cycle will enjoy the Teutevar Saga and its unique blend of traditional medieval fantasy in a gritty, American Western landscape.

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Out of Exile: Teutevar Saga Book 1

War is brewing. The hunt begins. Exile is over.

Revan Teutevar is the last heir of a forgotten kingdom, fed up with a life in hiding — until that life is torn apart by old enemies who kidnap his mother and turn him into a killer. Aided by a renegade leprechaun, the young Teutevar pursues his foes across a land on the brink of war. Faced with trials at every step, Revan learns quickly that, out of exile, the line between right and wrong is blurred in the best of times…and nonexistent in the worst.

Out of Exile is the first book in the Teutevar Saga, an epic, coming of age fantasy series. If you like adventure fantasy mixed with a touch of the wild west, such as Miles Cameron’s Traitor Son Cycle or Joe Abercrombie’s Red Country and Shattered Sea Trilogy, then you’ll love this suspenseful and refreshing tale.

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Return to Shadow: Teutevar Saga Book 2

As shadows lengthen and darkness falls across Peldrin, everyone has a score to settle.

Headstrong and impatient, the young, exiled lord, Revan Teutevar, has his heart set on returning to Athelon. Between him and his ruined homeland, however, lies Vhaleons: a city ruled by corruption and greed. Chasing the threads of a dangerous conspiracy, Revan and his friends soon find themselves entrapped in a game of power and deceit. One false move and the lives of the three drifters are forfeit.

Captain Nikoma is a young woman desperate to prove her worth in a man’s world. She’s a loner, an outsider even amongst her fellow Simarru riders no matter how well she swings a sword. But war with the Imperium League is at hand, and with it, the chance to step out of her father’s shadow…if she can stay alive long enough to change her stars.

With war looming, the west has forgotten about Arund. Even so, the one-time Hero of the Republic and would-be high king hasn’t been idle. East of the Heimwall, he’s rebuilding his capital and amassing a motley horde to stake his claim in the growing chaos. If he can hold them all together — fierce Jotun, barbaric Periwaneth and treacherous Emorans — the White Knight could very well make good on his vow to rule all of Peldrin.

Fans of Red Country and The Red Knight will love Return to Shadow, where epic, historical fantasy meets gritty American Western in the second installment in the Teutevar Saga series.

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About the Author: Derek Alan Siddoway is the author of Teutevar Saga, a medieval western/frontier fantasy series, and the upcoming Gryphon Riders Trilogy. He was born and raised in the American West at the foot of the Uinta Mountains. An Undaunted and Everyday Author, Derek spends his free time reading, obsessively filling notebooks, adventuring outdoors and celebrating small victories. He’s also a sucker for Star Wars and football, namely the University of Utah and Minnesota Vikings.

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