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Burned by the Soul:
Struck from the Heavens Book 1

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Two opposing crime organizations have torn Ovenal apart. Intending to finally crush the western cities, the Imprecator sends the mainland’s most vicious assassins, Desenius and Soltar, to strike the small western town of Saluma.

For years, these two trained killers have brutally decimated dozens of cities. However, at Saluma, Desenius is shot through the chest by a crossbow quarrel, slain by his long-time comrade and co-assassin, Soltar, in front of the entire city.

Why now? Why after all these years did Soltar decide to turn on him? Just as the world goes dark, Desenius can think of nothing else but how to repay his old friend and get his revenge.

Fate, as it seems, must also have revenge in mind, as Desenius awakens on a burning pyre completely unscathed. New flesh has appeared where burns used to be, and there is an intense grinding in his gut–a sensation that he’s never felt before until after his resurrection. Unsure of what has happened to him, Desenius must discover who he is if he ever wants to hunt down and put his killer and betrayer to rest.

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The Girl with the Scar:
Dark Connection Book 1

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Inexplicable seizures have plagued 15 year-old Genevieve Solace her entire life – seizures so violent that she’s left unconscious for days at a time.

News of the king’s Raiders tell stories of vicious murders where women are slain, children are orphaned, and entire towns have been leveled to ashes, all in search for the Girl with the Scar.

As autumn ends and the cold of winter sets in, Genevieve fears that the raids are growing near. She can only pray to the gods that the Raiders will never find her. But fate, as it seems, is rarely ever so kind.

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Seize the Soul:
Confessions of a Summoner Book 1

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A soul is a terrible thing to waste.

Soul Summoner Rebekah Scarlet is gunned down outside of a midnight pub in Raleigh. Awakening in a hospital, things quickly fall from bad to worse when she realizes that she’s been cuffed to the bed.

With the help of her shapeshifter best friend Lyle Finnegan, Rebekah must find a way to escape if she wants to uncover why she – the victim of a crime – has now become the suspect.

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The Black Lands:
Dark Connection Book 2

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Without light, there is only darkness.

Genevieve has entered the Black Lands in search for the Vestige of the Tear to break the curse over her life, despising that she has been deemed the Girl with the Scar.

Ian, the assumed Raider informant, has warned her that the depths of the Black Lands contains beasts more formidable than she has ever encountered, and there is a piercing cold that bites into the very fabric of her being, chilling her even into her bones.

Hidden beneath the veil of darkness lies many secrets — secrets about herself and secrets about Kalarn.

While traversing through the caverns, Genevieve comes across a mysterious woman named Menjada who has taken residence in the Black Lands. Suspicious and withholding, this mysterious woman promises Genevieve aid in the search for the Vestige, but something inside Genevieve warns her of this stranger’s ill intentions.

Genevieve must choose to trust this Menjada while seeking to find the Vestige, delving into the darkness of the Black Lands and into the very pit of her own soul.

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Eyes of the Assassins:
Burned by the Soul Book 2

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The western crime organization has crumbled, giving way to the rise of the Imprecari. However, those are the concerns of the consulate, not for the average citizen.

As struggling lumberjacks, Fire Slinger Desenius Dylandonai and Ground Runner Ghamuna Alhyo have embraced their attempt at a normal life, taking up residence in a lowly hovel outside of the bustling city of Calo.

Despite his desire for the mundane, the life of the underground wrenches Desenius back in when the Imprecari threaten to annihilate an entire class of Strucks known as Mimics.

At the risk of crossing The Imprecator, Desenius must choose if he will allow the Mimics to be slain, or if he will rise up and rage war against the Imprecari.

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Forging Constance:
Forging Constance Book 1

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“One of the best female assassin novels you’ll read this year! Truly a genuine coming of age steampunk.”

In a greasy, dustbowl world where men are murdered in the streets and where kidnappers sell children to the highest bidders, the god of flames demands justice. And he will reap his justice through his assassins—assassins like siblings Constance and Hyek Revaria who follow his teachings to the letter.

However, when a mysterious letter shows up at Constance’s door, everything changes. Believing the note to be her next objective, Constance opens the envelope to find a request for a secret meeting with her and her brother.

Skeptical but intrigued, the two of them agree to meet on a hill at the top of the city. But when a rustic, blond-haired engineer with a shotgun and his well-built, genetically-enhanced comrade step out of two gyrocopters, that’s when Constance and Hyek realize that these two men are looking for more than just a casual conversation.

Neglecting to get involved with these men, Constance and Hyek find themselves snatched into a world of gears and grease and steam and petticoats—a world that if they aren’t careful… might just cost them their lives.

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About the Author: From a small town with big dreams, William Stadler grew up in Reidsville, North Carolina, graduated from NC State University, and now resides in Garner not far from Research Triangle Park.

With a desire to see concepts come to life such as ambition and desire, he writes fantasy with a bent to personify the abstract. “There will always be layers to my writing,” William mentioned in an interview.

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